Monday, August 21, 2017

Glowing Orange UFO Spheres Reported 8/19/17 Over Central Florida

I was driving into my neighborhood last night at approximately 9:30 and was preparing to park my car in my garage when I glanced up in the southeast sky at my roof line and noticed three glowing, pulsating, orange UFO orbs flying slowly in a northwesterly direction in a large triangular formation. As far as size perspective goes- these UFOs were the size of a typical pearl bead held at arms’ length.

I estimate these UFOs were traveling at a distance of about 10-15,000 feet and were completely silent and their airspeed was approximately 200-300 mph. The UFOs’ color never changed. I watched the UFOs break formation when they were directly overhead and begin moving in a somewhat straight line as they gradually disappeared into the northwest sky. This part of the UFO Sighting lasted about 2-3 minutes.

I then saw another of these objects traveling along the same flight path approaching from the southeast sky at which point, I ran inside my house to get my wife outside as a witness to what I was observing. We both watched this UFO through my binoculars as it headed in a straight line into the northwest sky. Same estimated airspeed, size and distance as the other objects. Also, at this point, I noticed several neighbors down the street from us standing in their front yards watching these UFOs.

We were both getting ready to go inside the house when we noticed yet another of the UFOs, same size, flight path, speed, color, etc. traveling in exactly the same direction as the previously Sighted UFOs. We watched as it gradually disappeared in the northwest sky. I estimate the total length of this UFO Sighting to be approximately 10-15 minutes. We waited outside for another 10 minutes but nothing else unusual was sighted.

We are approximately 10 miles from Sanford-Orlando International Airport and are very used to seeing various types of commercial and sometimes military aircraft over the last 17 years. I have also piloted single engine aircraft and have never seen anything like these objects before tonight.
I am certain that these UFOs had to be tracked on the airport radar close by. mufon cms# Sanford Florida 8/19/17

UFO Sightings August 20-21 2017 UFO Video Submissions Compilation

Review UFO Sightings submitted between August 19 and August 20, 2017. Locations: PA, USA; Del Rio, TX, USA; Louisville, KY, USA; Nunn, CO, USA and El Paso Tx, USA. Published on Aug 21, 2017

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Latest UFO Sightings Eyewitness Worldwide Reports Video 8/20/17

Latest UFO Sightings Eyewitness Worldwide Reports Video 8/20/17: Review UFO sightings submitted between August 19 and August 20, 2017. Locations: San Antonio, TX, USA; Tucson, AZ, USA; Seaside Heights, NJ, USA; Wichita Falls, TX, USA; Colton, CA, USA and Queenstown, New Zealand. Published on Aug 20, 2017

Latest UFO Sighting 911 report Silver Disk hovering 8/19/17 Marion Indiana U.S.

UFO Sighting Report came through local Police Dept., Witness called 911 to report a Silver Disc shaped UFO Sighting hovering over the P.A.L. Club ( Police Athletic League ) located in the city limits, Northeast, Marion Indiana. Two investigators were sent to the area. mufon cms# 86057 UFO Sighting occurred on 8/19/17 over Marion Indiana U.S.

Twenty Blue Green dim UFO orbs resembled bee swarm reported 8/16/17 Becket U.S.

Twenty Blue Green dim UFO orbs, resembled bee swarm, changing configuration Observed cluster of approx. twenty dim UFO orbs traveling at same velocity from the northern horizon. UFOs first appeared in V formation, then changed configuration, best described as a bee swarm, covering about a four finger length in the sky. No sound, steady brightness, looked similar to Pleiades star cluster, except numbering 20. Observed by myself. and by another on-duty officer. Moved to South. Photo above depicts UFO Sighting. source 

UFO Ball of light Chased by U.S. military 8/15/17 Montrose IL U.S.

UFO Sighting report Montrose IL August 15th 2017: Me and a friend were looking up and we both seen at the same time a light that was flashing, just a bit brighter than the stars and almost had a red tint to it here and there and was moving in almost a triangle form slowly. It was not flashing quickly, like a planes would. The UFO disappeared behind a tree that was in our way and didn't see anything for about another 5 min. Then we look up again and I don't know if it was a different UFO, but this one was streaking across the sky almost like a satellite looks, almost the same spot where we lost the other UFO, but this was having various speeds and disappearing ever so slightly heading east, north east, and as we were watching it out of the west and south there were what we think military planes looking for this UFO! There were 3 planes all together, and before all of this there were no planes in the sky! also before these events happened we seen the best shooting star with a pretty blue tail trailing off the end of it.

The planes keep going over and around the spot where the UFO disappeared for about another 20 min. I really wish i had a camera with me at the time! source

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Bean Shaped Mirrored UFO reported 11-30-16 Westlake Ohio U.S.

This was the coolest thing I had ever seen. I was on my way to work and something high up in the sky caught my attention. It was tiny because of the distance it was from me but it had to have been the size of the average house and I could see it clearly. UFO was hovering directly above a large park. This UFO was bean shaped. Jelly bean shaped exactly. It was chrome, mirrored. There were no interruptions in the chrome. The UFO was completely covered in chrome. It was truly exactly like seeing the Chicago bean way up in the sky. It wasn't curved as much as the Chicago bean though. Just curved a bit, like a typical jelly bean. But the resemblance to the Chicago bean, almost the same shape, completely chrome, and reflective, possibly even very similar in size. The UFO I saw was very high up. It was just hovering there. Then this UFO turned just the slightest bit on its axis, catching the sun, admitting the brightest glow, then BOOM it was gone. It didn't shoot off. It didn't fade. It didn't fall. It just disappeared. That was when I truly knew I had witnessed something spectacular. mufon cms# 85991 UFO Sightings occurred on 11/30/16 over Westlake Ohio. UFO Photo above only depicts the reported UFO sighting.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Golden Orange UFO traveling east to west horizon to horizon in less than 3 min 8/12/17 Arizona

I was outside looking at lightening storms, and for the rare Perseid meteor then the following occurred.First UFO; Orange Gold coloration, orb/spherical in shape. Fast walking from West to East. traveled entire horizon in less than 4 minutes. After disappearing over horizon line, approximately 2 minutes passes, then either the same UFO made a 100 plus degree turn and traveled at the same speed towards the Northeast at the same high rate of speed. Third UFO seen 10-15 minutes later traveling North to South. Appeared larger (or possibly lower), Blueish silver in color traveling slightly slower than the other two. To early in the evening for satellites,also these UFOs/craft were moving far faster than satellites. ISS on the other side of the planet, NO standard aircraft in the area at that time. no iridium flares. no color changes nor changes in brightness. My feelings were thus; its about time that I was able to see something I could NOT identify. All UFO Sightings lost at horizon lines. MUFON CMS# 85936 UFO Sighting occurred on 8/12/17 over Lake Havasu Arizona 

UFO disappeared and reappeared at least 10 times 8-8-17 Hockessin DE U.S

On 8/8/17 @ approx. 7:45 pm in Hockessin, De., my son was looking up into a tree to try and get a ball down, which was stuck. As he was looking up he noticed a very bright UFO. The UFO disappeared. Suddenly it reappeared but in a different spot. This sequence happened at least 10 times. He took out his phone and shot some really interesting pictures. He was really scared. Note, other kids witnessed the event. They were all freaked out. The pictures seem to show a oval type UFO with a well defined rectangular, brightly lite center. It is definitely not a blimp. You can tell from the pictures that the UFO is in different positions. The pictures are really cool! mufon cms# 85938

Robert Bingham's UFO Sightings Video "Star Wars 2" 8-15-17

These UFO Sightings were captured on Father's Day June 18th, 2017 in Los Angeles, CA. An amazing array of UFO Sightings that were summoned by the Summoner himself including the extremely rare UFO that looks like an Ebani. Published on Aug 15, 2017

Monday, August 14, 2017

Interview Doug Trumbull Special Effects Legend and UFO Hunter

In this interview, special effects legend Doug Trumbull discusses how he decided to work on movies related to UFOs and aliens, and his interest in the scientific study of the UFO phenomenon. He is currently working to develop UFO hunting technology. Published on Aug 5, 2016

Sunday, August 13, 2017

H shaped UFO Sighting with mass showing intelligence and great speed 8/13/17 Nottingham GB

UFO Sighting reported over Nottingham GB. UFO Report reads as follows: I went outside for a cigarette about 7.30 am on 13 August 2017. I noticed a UFO light moving at speed. Thought nothing of it until I seen it just stop dead and get brighter. Really bright. Thought it was the sun reflecting off a plane until it stopped moving. So I went into the house and got my binoculars thinking it was a planet. Then I noticed it had mass and I was looking at a UFO with a flat gray outer body color and was a distinct shape of a H but a narrow H two long cylinders with a round bit connecting in the middle. It looked like well best way I can describe is it had the effect on exterior like in the film district 9 same as the alien life boat. Rugged and battered well used is another word. Lots of white lights on the underside of this UFO which made me think it was changing shape but it was the lights moving around. I watched it for a further 5 min as it moved to overtake and avoid a large plane. Then the UFO just accelerated away over the houses. mufon cms# 85883