Friday, June 23, 2017

NASA UFO Alien Moon Hoax

To make interstellar travel believable NASA was created. The Apollo
Space Program foisted the idea that man could travel to, and walk upon,
the moon. Every Apollo mission was carefully rehearsed and then filmed
in large sound stages at the Atomic Energy Commissions Top Secret test
site in the Nevada Desert and in a secured and guarded sound stage at
the Walt Disney Studios within which was a huge scale mock-up of the

All names, missions, landing sites, and events in the Apollo Space
Program echo the occult metaphors, rituals, and symbology of the Illuminati's secret
religion. The most transparent was the faked explosion on the spacecraft
Apollo 13, named "Aquarius" (new age) at 1:13 (1313 military time) on
April 13, 1970 which was the metaphor for the initiation ceremony
involving the death (explosion), placement in the coffin (period of
uncertainty of their survival), communion with the spiritual world and
the imparting of esoteric knowledge to the candidate (orbit and
observation of the moon without physical contact), rebirth of the
initiate (solution of problem and repairs), and the raising up (of the
Phoenix, the new age of Aquarius) by the grip of the lions paw (reentry
and recovery of Apollo 13). 13 is the number of death and rebirth, death
and reincarnation, sacrifice, the Phoenix, the Christ (perfected soul
imprisoned in matter), and the transition from the old to the new.
Another revelation to those who understand the symbolic language of the
Illuminati is the hidden meaning of the names of the Space Shuttles, "A
Colombian Enterprise to Endeavor for the Discovery of Atlantis... and
all Challengers shall be destroyed."

Exploration of the moon stopped because it was impossible to continue
the hoax without being discovered. And of course they ran out of
pre-filmed episodes.

No man has ever ascended much higher than 300 miles, if that high, above
the Earth's surface. At or under that altitude the astronauts are
beneath the radiation of the Van Allen Belt and the Van Allen Belt
shields them from the extreme radiation which permeates space. No man
has ever orbited, landed on, or walked upon the moon in any publicly
known space program. If man has ever truly been to the moon it has been
done in secret and with a far different technology.

The tremendous radiation encountered in the Van Allen Belt, solar
radiation, cosmic radiation, Solar flares, temperature control, and many
other problems connected with space travel prevent living organisms
leaving our atmosphere with our known level of technology. Any
intelligent high school student with a basic physics book can prove NASA
faked the Apollo moon landings. If you doubt this please explain how the
astronauts walked upon the moons surface enclosed in a space suit in
full sunlight absorbing a minimum of 265 degrees of heat surrounded by a
vacuum... and that is not even taking into consideration any effects of
cosmic radiation, Solar flares, micrometeorites, etc. NASA tells us the
moon has no atmosphere and that the astronauts were surrounded by the
vacuum of space.

Heat is defined as the vibration or movement of molecules within matter.
The faster the molecular motion the higher the temperature. The slower
the molecular motion the colder the temperature. Absolute zero is that
point where all molecular motion ceases. In order to have hot or cold,
molecules must be present.

A vacuum is a condition of nothingness where there are no molecules.
Vacuums exist in degrees. Some scientists tell us that there is no such
thing as an absolute vacuum. Space is the closest thing to an absolute
vacuum that is known to us. There are so few molecules present in most
areas of what we know as "space" that any concept of "hot" or "cold" is
impossible to measure. A vacuum is a perfect insulator. That is why a
"Thermos" or vacuum bottle is used to store hot or cold liquids in order
to maintain the temperature for the longest time possible without
re-heating or re-cooling.

Radiation of all types will travel through a vacuum but will not affect
the vacuum. Radiant heat from the sun travels through the vacuum of
space but does not "warm" space. In fact the radiant heat of the sun has
no affect whatsoever until it strikes matter. Molecular movement will
increase in direct proportion to the radiant energy which is absorbed by
matter. The time it takes to heat matter exposed to direct sunlight in
space is determined by its color, its elemental properties, its distance
from the sun, and its rate of absorption of radiant heat energy. Space
is NOT hot. Space is NOT cold.

Objects which are heated cannot be cooled by space. In order for an
object to cool it must first be removed from direct sunlight. Objects
which are in the shadow of another object will eventually cool but not
because space is "cold". Space is not cold. Hot and cold do not exist in
the vacuum of space. Objects cool because the laws of motion dictate
that the molecules of the object will slow down due to the resistance
resulting from striking other molecules until eventually all motion will
stop provided the object is sheltered from the direct and/or indirect
radiation of the sun and that there is no other source of heat. Since
the vacuum of space is the perfect insulator objects take a very long
time to cool even when removed from all sources of heat, radiated or
otherwise. NASA insists the space suits the astronauts supposedly wore
on the lunar surface were air conditioned. An air conditioner cannot,
and will not work without a heat exchanger. A heat exchanger simply
takes heat gathered in a medium such as freon from one place and
transfers it to another place. This requires a medium of molecules which
can absorb and transfer the heat such as an atmosphere or water. An air
conditioner will not and cannot work in a vacuum. A space suit
surrounded by a vacuum cannot transfer heat from the inside of the suit
to any other place. The vacuum, remember, is a perfect insulator. A man
would roast in his suit in such a circumstance.

NASA claims the spacesuits were cooled by a water system which was piped
around the body, then through a system of coils sheltered from the sun
in the backpack. NASA claims that water was sprayed on the coils causing
a coating of ice to form. The ice then supposedly absorbed the
tremendous heat collected in the water and evaporated into space. There
are two problems with this that cannot be explained away. 1) The amount
of water needed to be carried by the astronauts in order to make this
work for even a very small length of time in the direct 55 degrees over
the boiling point of water (210 degrees F at sea level on Earth) heat of
the sun could not have possibly been carried by the astronauts. 2) NASA
has since claimed that they found ice in moon craters. NASA claims that
ice sheltered from the direct rays of the sun will NOT evaporate
destroying their own bogus "air conditioning" explanation.

Remember this. Think about it the next time you go off in the morning
with a "vacuum bottle" filled with hot coffee. Think about it long and
hard when you sit down and pour a piping hot cup from your thermos to
drink with your lunch four hours later... and then think about it again
when you pour the last still very warm cup of coffee at the end of the

The same laws of physics apply to any vehicle traveling through space.
NASA claims that the spacecraft was slowly rotated causing the shadowed
side to be cooled by the intense cold of space... an intense cold that DOES NOT
EXIST. In fact the only thing that could have been accomplished by a
rotation of the spacecraft is a more even and constant heating such as
that obtained by rotating a hot dog on a spit. In reality a dish called
Astronaut a la Apollo would have been served. At the very least you
would not want to open the hatch upon the crafts return.

NASA knows better than to claim, in addition, that a water cooling
apparatus such as that which they claim cooled the astronauts suits
cooled the spacecraft. No rocket could ever have been launched with the
amount of water needed to work such a system for even a very short
period of time. Fresh water weighs a little over 62 lbs. per cubic foot.
Space and weight capacity were critical given the lift capability of the
rockets used in the Apollo Space Program. No such extra water was
carried by any mission whatsoever for suits or for cooling the

On the tapes the Astronauts complained bitterly of the cold during their
journey and while on the surface of the moon. They spoke of using
heaters that did not give off enough heat to overcome the intense cold
of space. It was imperative that NASA use this ruse because to tell the
truth would TELL THE TRUTH. It is also proof of the arrogance and
contempt in which the Illuminati holds the common man.

What we heard is in reality indicative of an over zealous cooling system
in the props used during the filming of the missions at the Atomic
Energy Commissions Nevada desert test site, where it is common to see
temperatures well over 100 degrees. In the glaring unfiltered direct
heat of the sun the Astronauts could never have been cold at any time
whatsoever in the perfect insulating vacuum of space.

As proof examine the Lunar Lander on display in the Smithsonian
Institute and notice the shrouded and encased cone of the rocket engine
INSIDE the Lander which is attached above the rocket nozzle at the
bottom center of the Lander. It is this rocket engine which supposedly
provided the retro thrust upon landing on the moon and the takeoff
thrust during takeoff from the moon. In the actual Lunar Lander this
engine is present but in the film and pictures of the inside of the
Lunar Lander that was "said" to be on the moon the engine is absent.
Then examine the Lunar Lander simulator and you will see exactly where
the fake footage was filmed.

It would also be a good idea for you to measure the dimensions of the
astronauts in their spacesuits and then measure the actual usable
dimensions of the hatch that they had to use to egress and ingress the
Lander. Also measure the inside dimensions of the actual Lander and you
will see that the astronauts (liars) could not have possibly left or
entered in their suits through that hatch. Notice the position of the
hinge of the hatch and then examine the Lunar Lander training simulator
and measure all the dimensions noted above taking care to note the
position of the hinge on the much larger hatch and you may become
"illumined"... so to speak.

NASA claims that the space suits worn by the astronauts were pressurized
at 5 psi over the ambient pressure (0 psi vacuum) on the moon's surface.
We have examined the gloves NASA claims the astronauts wore and find
they are made of pliable material containing no mechanical, hydraulic,
or electrical devices which would aid the astronauts in the dexterous
use of their fingers and hands while wearing the gloves. Experiments
prove absolutely that such gloves are impossible to use and that the
wearer cannot bend the wrist or fingers to do any dexterous work
whatsoever when filled with 5 psi over ambient pressure either in a
vacuum or in the earth's atmosphere. NASA actually showed film and
television footage of astronauts using their hands and fingers normally
during their EVAs on the so-called lunar surface. The films show clearly
that there is no pressure whatsoever within the gloves... a condition
that would have caused explosive decompression of the astronauts
resulting in almost immediate death if they had really been surrounded
by the vacuum of space.

If you don't believe it try it yourself... it is a very simple
experiment and does not require a rocket scientist to perform. These are
just a few of over a hundred very simple and very easy to prove valid
scientific reasons why NASA and the Apollo Space Program are two of the
biggest lies ever foisted upon the unsuspecting and trusting People of
the world. We attempted to obtain data on Solar activity and in
particular Solar flares which may have been active during the Apollo
Moon Missions. We found that data is available for any day of any year
during which data has been collected EXCEPT the days and hours of all of
the Apollo Moon shots. That data can not be obtained from any government
agency including NASA, NOAA, or the Naval Observatory. This is data that
is normally collected and would have been used in calculating the dates
of launch, dates and times of EVAs, and extreme radiation hazard. It
would have been monitored during times of extra vehicular activity (EVA)
of the astronauts while on the moon... that is if any astronauts were
ever on the moon. The data is not available because it would demonstrate
that the so-called astronauts would have been fried crisp. They would
have returned to the earth DEAD if they had actually attempted any such

In addition most, if not all, of the photos, films, and videotape of the
Apollo Moon Missions are easily proven to be fake. Anyone with the
slightest knowledge of studio photography, studio lighting, and the
reality of Lunar physics can easily prove that NASA faked the visual
records of the Apollo Space Program. No color film known to man, then or
now, had or has the latitude to produce the excellent detail found in
shadow and highlighted areas of the photographs supposedly taken on the
moon. Any professional photographer can tell you that those photographs
could only have been produced in a controlled environment using studio
lighting and could not possibly have been produced in full sunlight in a
vacuum on the moon. Some are so obviously fake that when the
discrepancies are pointed out to unsuspecting viewers an audible gasp
has been heard. Some have actually gone into a mild state of shock. Some
People break down and cry. I have seen others become so angry that they
have ripped the offending photos to shreds while screaming incoherently.

C. Fred Kleinknect, head of NASA at the time of the Apollo Space
Program, is now the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Council of the 33rd
Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of the
Southern Jurisdiction. It was his reward for pulling it off. All of the
first astronauts were Freemasons. There is a photograph in the House of
the Temple in Washington DC of Neil Armstrong on the moons surface
(supposedly) in his spacesuit holding his Masonic Apron in front of his
groin. All of the senior officials of NASA have been, and are, members
of the Illuminati, Marxists, or communists.

The Soviet Union attempted only one moon mission. Their astronauts
returned to the earth COOKED and DEAD. The USSR never again tried to
send men into or above the Van Allen Belt. They scrapped their "Man On
The Moon" program. The effect upon the people of the world was, that if
we could go to the moon other creatures from other worlds could travel
to our Earth. The escalation of the artificial alien threat scenario
since that time is obvious. The recent revelations of the fraudulent
nature of NASA and the Apollo space program by the Intelligence Service
and others has resulted in a flood of propaganda, television programs,
and films designed to keep the sheople trapped in an ignorant deep
sleep. The most ambitious are "Apollo 13" and "From the Earth to the
Moon", both involving the actor/producer Tom Hanks. The latter opens
with a monologue by Mr. Hanks who walks forward revealing a huge
representation of the "God" Apollo (Sun, Osiris, lost word, etc.)
guiding his chariot pulled by 4 horses through the heavens.

Why Apollo? Why the Sun? Why the dawn? Get a clue. Go to the Rotunda of
the Capitol Building in Washington D.C., stand in the exact middle of
the Rotunda and look straight up. Covering the inside of the dome for
all to see is a the painting entitled "The Apotheosis of George
Washington". The huge painting depicts George Washington transformed as
Satan promised into a new "Sun god" (Apollo) in the chariot of Apollo
being pulled by four horses across the heavens. The painting is
surrounded by all the old pagan "gods" of the old Roman Empire. Ask
yourself why we use an Egyptian obelisk as the Washington Monument
honoring the General who led us in our fight for independence and who
became the first American President. Then realize that it represents a ray of light
(Ra), Illumination, the Penis of Osiris, the "generative" or "creative
force," the "Lost Word" of the Mysteries, the Sun, fire (intellect),
Apollo. A result of the Genome Project at Las Alamos Laboratory, the
recent success of cloning and advances in biochemistry will produce
laboratory created creatures that will ultimately be presented to the
People of the world as extraterrestrial in origin. The only reason an
extraterrestrial has not yet been presented to humanity is that they
have not yet succeeded in making one that is believable. For an in depth
explanation of this "artificial alien threat" scenario read The Report
From Iron Mountain, The Probability and Possibility of Permanent Peace.
Socialist change agents known to you as William Moore, Jaime Shandera,
and Stanton T. Friedman presented the hoax known as Operation
Majestic-12. These fake documents were printed in the socialist New York Times. It was an
attempt to lead the sheople away from the truth by presenting an
artificial alien threat as a "government cover-up" of extraterrestrial
visitation. Most of the well known uFOOLogists and so-called UFO
researchers are Illuminati, Marxist, CIA, or KGB change agents operating
in furtherance of propagandizing the American People.

Triangle shaped UFO no noise slow moving large red light on each wingtip Dallas Texas 2017

At about 7;20 pm after attending a meeting at SMU I was looking down at the ground on my way to open the car door for my girl friend. I was looking down to keep from triping over tree roots in the dark. For no known reason I stopped and looked straight up in the sky. and saw a very large what I though was a airplane. I pointed it out to my girlfriend and said I had never seen so many lights on a plane. I then realized it wasn't a plane but a triangle shaped UFO craft going south making no noise and moving slowly. This craft UFO had a very large red light that did not seem to project any light and was of a dark red color on each wing at the tip of the back of the triangle. In between each red light in the middle of the UFO craft was about 10 red, white or blue small lights in no order. several white lights toward the front of the UFO and one small white light at the front of the UFO. Their was a very very faint outline of the UFO all the way around the UFO or I would not have been able to make out the shape of the UFO. There was also a very faint line down the middle of the UFO. As the UFO moved away from me toward down town Dallas I seemed to be able to make out the UFO a little better. mufon cms# 84546 UFO Sighting occurred on Feb 7th 2017 over Dallas Texas.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Silver/spherical disc shaped UFO appeared to be following us Greenfield Ohio

We were driving around 8:00 p.m. on a country road when we noticed the UFO following us right above the power lines. The UFO was only about 40' away-and seemed to be flying Right above the power lines that aligned with the road. My brother was driving the car and he said "This "UFO" thing is on our ass". We were obviously looking at the same thing as it was very close to us and it really freaked us out so we kept driving. The UFO followed us for about a 1/2 mile before it seemed to just disappear. mufon cms# 84541 UFO Sighting Report Greenfield Ohio 7/5/98

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

10-12 Bright Orange Orb UFOs flying then hovering then flying away New Jersey 7/10/02

Between 2002-2004 around the summer (July-August) in the evening (2100-2230) I witnessed 10-12 bright orange orb UFOs flying towards my friends and me. They stopped and hovered then left. Okay so with that out of the way, lets start from the beginning. It was later on in the evening as described above and two of my friends were with me in front of my parents house, just hanging out and relaxing, doing what teenagers do on summer break. Let me also state that no alcohol or drugs were involved. My friends and I were never into that stuff at an early age. It was a warm clear night, and the town was alive, mainly due to the carnival about 4-5 blocks down at the local church. Some neighbors were out lighting fireworks and you could hear the great time from the carnival even from that far away. You could also see the ambient glow of the lights from the carnival. Nothing like the blinking or strobing lights from rides more like the steady glow of white generator lights in the night sky. My two friends (boy and girl) and I decided not to go to the carnival that night and just relax in front of the house and chill. Two of my other friends left us and decided to see what was good there that year. About 30 mins after they left, my neighbor three houses to the east was lighting off fireworks, but none of them took off lol, they kept miss firing into the neighbors yard to the southeast of my house. 10 mins go by and he goes inside, I looked up in the distance and saw some orange lighted UFOs way up high. Thinking they were fireworks from the carnival, I gave no mind to them.
About five minutes go by and I look up to see more "fireworks" from the carnival (to the south) and the same orange lights were exactly in the same spot as before (or so it seemed from that distance). I kept my gaze on these UFOs to see them explode, but they never did. As I kept my eyes on them I noticed these UFOs getting bigger. They were traveling towards me (south-north). Without looking away I yelled to my friends to see if they saw what I was seeing. They said yes but paid no mind, thinking they were fire works. As these UFOs drew closer they descended to about the height of the run of the mil power lines, not the huge ones, so about just below tree top level (around 50ft.) I could now count them and there were 10-12 bright neon orange orb UFOs. Somehow still thinking they were fireworks I got nervous and thought they would explode to close to us. I yelled back to my friends to look and they stopped what they were doing to look. The orbs were flying in a V-shaped formation, when they got as close to us as they did, they stopped right over my neighbors roof. The orb UFOs changed formation to a straight line running east west (so perpendicular to the way they were traveling). The orb UFOs stayed there for about 2 mins, during their hovering (what I consider communication) They started dancing in and around each other for about 10-20 secs. After their brilliant dance, they lined up again same as before and slowly started flying towards us, over our heads and as they passed the roof tops behind us, UFOs picked up speed and were gone just like that. mufon cms# 84490 UFO Sighting occurred on July 7th 2002. Runnemede New Jersey

Thursday, June 15, 2017

UFO Sighting Disk Photo June 14 2017 Bath GB

I was getting ready for bed and turning all the lights off around the flat when I looked out of my back window to discover this object hovering in the sky above the city. I quickly grabbed my phone and got a pretty decent shot before rushing to my partner and tell them what I witnessed. When we returned to look out the window, the object was gone. mufon cms# 84388 (Possible Hoax)

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Strange UFO Sighting over Little Neck NY Sunday morning June 4th 2017 at 8:30 AM

Sunday morning, June 4th, at appx. 8:30 AM, I was out for a walk to pick up some breakfast, and I happened to see out the left corner of my eye, a shiny type of UFO which appeared to be reflecting the suns light looking eastward (towards NYC) and at first I didn't think much of it, until after I noticed another plane traveling the opposite direction. When I saw the other plane pass, the UFO         appeared to be moving closer in my direction, & it seemed to me at second glance it may be one of those planes carrying an advertising banner heading out to Jones beach, because I saw what appeared to be something wavy behind the UFO. As I stared at it a bit more, because it seemed unusual to me, I realized the UFO seemed to almost pause in its flight, and that's when I realize there were in fact two UFOs, and one appeared to be doing what I can only describe as a kabuki dance around the other UFO, and that's when I started seeming some Orange color which appeared to be emanating from the bottom of these UFOs. At this point I took my cell phone out of my pocket & tried to capture some photo's and movies. I had to move to an area where the sun wouldn't quite be in my eyes because the UFO was west, but the sun was glaring off my back (as it was still early in the morning) and it was hard to zoom in and focus on the UFOs, but I did manage to capture some videos and a few stills of the UFOs. Upon reviewing the pictures I took, I realized how not so great cell phone cameras (at least my Samsung Note 5) seems to be a focusing on somewhat distant objects with an 8X zoom, but I do have some videos and still frames I'm happy to send along, or will attach to this report if provided.

I looked at the UFOs slowly move across the sky from north to south slowly, seemingly doing this circle around one another routine, until at one point right before they vanished, they seemed to either merge, or one of them just vanished, and after about 8 or 9 minutes, all of a sudden, they were gone.

I did not see the UFOs suddenly take off, it's as if they just vanished! Very strange UFO Sighting, especially since this was early on a Sunday morning, on a sunny morning. source 

Six white lights on UFO which then spun and flashed red and green Port Macquarie AU

UFO Sighting occurred over Port Macquarie AU on June 4th 2017.Camping at Point Plomer. Looked out the roof of the tent (Sky roof) at 4:am and saw a bright star like UFO which was moving occasionally within its area. Then, smaller star like UFOs started to come out of the bright UFO and fly away quickly in different directions. Also saw at least 5 'shooting stars' in this time one which moved in an arc. I sat up after watching this for 30 minutes and saw a large bright UFO about 400 meters from our tent. It was hovering about 50 meters above the sand NE and started to come closer. It then changed from one bright light to 6 smaller lights (like it had changed from high beams to park lights!) before moving away. Over two hours it moved away slowly and I have video footage of the image spinning and when I zoom in you can see the lights. It stayed there until sunrise and was there until the sun was so bright we could no longer see it. Up in the night sky I saw 20+ of these UFOs, some which flashed red and some which would disappear and re-appear, some which zoomed off at incredible speed. Since then, we've seen the bright hovering UFO light up the east coast the past week. I noticed it first by the Bright UFO light moving, then other lights emerging from it. Then lights flashing red and large bright light spinning. Could not be explained. Too large and fast for a drone (plus it was silent) I did not have a feeling of being threatened, more that it was just there to observe. It also did not seem bothered by being found as it was so prominent and did not appear to leave. mufon cms# 84303

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Black Triangle UFO Sighting with yellow lights on either side of it Slingerlands NY 5/31/17

It hovered for 5 minutes and vanished after I took my eye of it for 1 sec. I was driving and noticed an UFO hovering in the sky. It was Black Triangular and appeared to have a white or yellow light on either side of it. The lights were static and not flashing. The UFO did not move except for periodic lateral sways that were not that dramatic. I pulled into a parking lot to stop and get a better look. With my eyes on it the entire time, I parked and when I emerged from the car, it was just gone. No sign of it at all in any direction. At the time I was viewing the UFO, there were 2 helicopters near by but flying low that appeared to be approaching the UFO from opposite directions. After I had emerged from the car and realized the UFO was gone, I also realized one of the helicopters had vanished as well and the other one had turned back toward Albany. It was strange. nuforc.og

Monday, June 5, 2017

Floating UFO began to move with small spinning lights Marvdasht IR 3-26-17

I was at home and was watching the sky I sighted a abnormal shining UFO light
it wasn't a normal object like airplane or something like that. This UFO was floating
abnormal and a shining light could be seen with strange movements it wasn't strange 
to me I had seen this before it faded slowly. (edited version) mufon cms# 84187

Saturday, June 3, 2017

UFO Sighting reported Red Orb hovered approximately 5 feet over road Gaithersburg MD U.S. 5/31/17

Driving north on MD 124 at mid-morning. Sky clear, no other traffic on the road. My wife and I crested a small hill and observed a Red UFO light approximately 100 feet in front of our car hovering approximately 5 feet above the road. The UFO stayed ahead of the car, then descended closer to the road and hovered there before rapidly accelerating to the right and up at about a 60 degree angle and into the sky. My wife observed the UFO orb as having very well defined edges. I saw red radiating rays of light emitting from the well defined edges of a Red UFO Orb. Total time of observation was approximately 8 seconds. We asked each other if we had seen the UFO, and confirmed we had. I noted the time and location of the observation and looked for any possible reflections or other possible sources for the Red UFO Orb. I noted nothing unusual about the road itself, or the grass/trees along the road. We continued to drive in silence, not quite comprehending what we'd seen. We independently recorded our observations. mufon cms# 84137 UFO Sighting reported Red Orb hovered approximately 5 feet over road Gaithersburg MD U.S. 5/31/17 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Black UFOs slow flyby over Hillsboro Airport in Oregon 5/29/17

I took my dog out to do her business. I was in my front yard and looked up to the sky over my house. I don't know the height of the clouds but I saw two black UFOs headed east from the west or kind of southwest to north east. My first thought was that someone had lost a balloon. Then I saw the second UFO following about 200 yards behind. Both UFOs traveling in a straight line. It seemed slow but if I were to guess, then maybe they were moving at about 45 to 50 miles per hour. The leader UFO travel straight out of sight. The second UFO amazingly stopped. Then I noticed it didn't exactly stop but it went straight up slowly. Until the UFO thing was so small I was loosing sight Evey time I blinked. The UFO finally disappeared into the clouds. They flew over the Hillsboro, Oregon airport. These UFOs were black and had round noses like a fighter jet but they didn't have wings and they weren't near as long. And slightly larger rounded area in the rear. I've never seen anything like that before. I wish I had had a camera with me. I tried pointing it out to my stepson but when he pulled up in his car the were too small for him to find. Don't know what the were but it happened at around 9:10 pm that's it. That's all. mufon cms# 84065

The first written case of an UFO Sighting in Peru February 1600

Days before the biggest volcanic explosion in our History. The Huaynaputina volcano let Europe without summer that year, and now these ashes were found by scientists even in Greenland and Siberia. Many explosions were so loud that could be heard at least in Lima, 1,000km north, where the Viceroy feared Callao was being attacked by the English pirates and climbed the San Cristobal mountain to watch the sea. 2 days after, they knew Arequipa was destroyed on February, 19, by the Huaynaputina earthquake and ashes.

Ventura Travada y C√≥rdoba (1695-1758), a priest, wrote in his book “The soil of Arequipa turned into sky”: “From the soft sulfur mater expelled by the volcano to the upper air region there were forming strange balloons "UFOs" of different sizes, flying lightly over the city, threatening to burn it and eat it, and then disappeared, turning into smoke, letting it with a fetid intolerable stench of sulfur… suddenly it appeared in the air one of these balloons "UFOs"over the main square, biggest than the previous seen balloons "UFOs". With its horrible look it seemed to come and eat everybody. They trembled to see it and the shock grew when they saw that it "UFO" was going to the main church, and entering inside the church with the speed of a thunderbolt not harming people, it "UFO" came out again by the door and going round all the cemetery, it "UFO" returned to the square and disappeared, dissolving itself in pestilent smoke, letting stench of sulfur”. mufon cms#

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Classic UFO was a strange dark violet color with a dim dark red ring around the edges Meridian Idaho

My friends and I were watching a movie in my backyard on a projector.It was about 11:10 at night. There were 7 of us. I noticed a strange disc UFO hovering over my house at a moderate speed. It was lower than an airplane but a bit higher that a bird. The UFO gave off an odd dull dark red glow but the UFO appeared to be a dark violet color. When I was about to point it out 2 of my friends did. Sadly it flew out of sight before I could get a picture. The UFO appeared to be a classic UFO dish shaped object. It was deeply unsettling but it was cool to experience a UFO sighting. mufon cms# 84026 UFO Sighting May 27 2017 Meridian Idaho U.S.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

UFO approached and hovered above me momentarily Memphis/Collierville TN.

It was approximately 2:AM in the morning 9/2015 the Saturday before Labor Day Memphis TN. As I was driving to a convenience store. I was headed east on Winchester Road just east of hacks Cross Road and noticed something of low altitude precisely following the road headed West towards me. At first sight, I thought it was an airplane but thought the Low altitude and slow speed made that impossible. There was absolutely no engine sound – or any other sound I could discern at that time. There was no other traffic on the road so I stopped in middle of the road and watched. There was no sound at all as the UFO very slowly approached me. I estimate it took approximately three minutes to reach me from the time I first spotted the UFO. During that time The UFO traveled a distance of about a Quarter to a half mile. It maintained a very slow forward speed and a very low altitude (estimate 40-50 feet maximum). When it got directly above me it actually Hovered. I heard a loud Airish – whooshing – roaring sound and, leaning out the car window to look up, felt very strong air current coming from the UFO. Other than when it was directly overhead, I heard and felt nothing. It was almost as if the air current was initiated once the UFO I was above me. It hovered for 20 to 30 seconds and then continued on the path it was on (headed west following Winchester Road). The UFO was triangular/wedge shaped and appeared to have no markings or lights. However when it was directly above me I could see the underside was very covered and crowded with indiscernible " Instruments." As the UFO hovered I attempted to take a picture/video with my phone. I was oddly disoriented, clumsy, uncoordinated and could not accomplish the simple act of taking the photo or opening the door of my car to get out and take a picture. During the entire incident I did not see another vehicle on the road which seemed to be a bit odd to me. I at least had the impression the downward air current ceased and the UFO continued on its way. I watched it for a couple of minutes and then drove on to my destination. mufon cms# 84004 edited version

Looked like a small Saturn like UFO over Great Britain reported

I was looking out my window at about 10:pm on Feb.7,2017 Great Britain, where I saw a circle shaped that resembled what appeared to be a Saturn Shape UFO in the sky with no trail of smoke so it wasn't a plane but it wasn't flashing lights so it couldn't of been a star. I could just see 1 small light in the sky so I took a picture zoomed in of it then I screen shot that picture then zoomed in on it and I had a close up view and I saw like little black things walking and at that moment I thought I was a UFO because I think there Aliens in the strange shaped UFO I was watching it for about 4 minutes then it just disappeared and I could never find it again I got very anxious and annoyed when I lost it it was a very strange shape. mufon cms# 84006 ( The UFO photo above was taken over Trinada Island Brazil 1958 )edited version.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

It’s official China Government Confirms Existence Of UFO & Aliens

"In a recent gathering of the non-profit organization known as Citizen Hearing, Shi-Li Sun, an esteemed researcher and president of the Chinese UFO Federation has stepped forward denouncing this concealed reality of UFOs. According to him, the UFO phenomenon not only is authentic, but it stretches back tens of thousands of years, to a time when ancient China was barely shaping its culture and traits. In his acceptance, otherworldly visitors might had impacted our entire society, and for an unknown period of time contributed to the foundation of humanity before vanishing into outer space, probably to return at a later date to check on Earth’s well-being. In Chinese culture, all these otherworldly beings personified as deities were converted into a single great cosmic beast – the Dragon. "Chinese people consider ourselves as the descendant of Dragon, and Dragon is from outer space in the Chinese culture, so in the Chinese culture we are from outer space as descendant of Dragon,” Shi-Li affirmed. To break this short, here is what he had to say on behalf of himself, and all the prominent figures involved in the Chinese UFO Organization: "Certainly, after years of research, a large number of Chinese UFO scholars, including myself, are convinced of the authenticity of UFO, the existence of UFOs and aliens so we believe in the existence of UFOs, we believe in the existence of aliens and extraterrestrials.”BREAKING: It’s official now China Government Confirms Existence Of UFO And Aliens credit True Disclosure

UFO DATA seeking to create a systematic rigorous science of UFO phenomena

"At UFO DATA we seek to create a systematic, rigorous science of UFO phenomena. Such a science is needed because of misplaced certainties on both sides of the UFO debate: “believers” convinced that UFOs are extraterrestrials, and “skeptics” equally convinced that UFOs do not even exist. Our own view is that humanity knows very little about the true nature of unexplained UFO reports, and that the only way to resolve this lack of understanding is through serious scientific study."
UFO DATA Project UFO DATA.NET credit Frank Stalter

Is There a UFO Cover-up? Government Insider Speaks Out

"Knowing of my interest in UFOs, a breathless naval aviator called me one day to report that he was present minutes earlier when a Navy jet landed after being circled by a UFO in broad daylight. The Navy did not pursue the issue as far as I could tell. I also recall the Maui Optical Tracking Facility, which tracks satellites, recording a flight of four or five fiery UFOs traversing the night sky. Nobody knew what to make of it. But no government official expressed the slightest interest even after the tape was featured on ABC’s Nightline. I found the utter lack of scientific curiosity due to political correctness highly frustrating." Frank Stalter
Is There A UFO Cover-up? A Government Insider Speaks Out
About six months ago, our board at UFODATA was privileged to welcome

Sunday, May 21, 2017

White Teardrop Shaped UFO Sighting of indeterminate size reported

UFO Sighting Report Denver CO. May 13th 2017 reads as follows: I was sitting on the southwest edge of the baseball field behind Westerly Creek Elementary in Denver's Stapleton neighborhood. I looked up from the game (north) because I saw a white teardrop shaped UFO climbing above the school's roof line as it flew from east to west. The UFO flew past the western edge of the school and continued to climb to maybe 1500 feet. At first I thought that it must be a drone because there were no visible propellers or strobe. I quickly realized that there was no easy way to ascertain size or distance, it was half the size of the plastic ball shaped head of one of those color push pins at arms length. The UFO rapidly circled a little bit closer toward me (south) as it climbed to perhaps 2000 feet and hovered. In full disclosure, I am an avid UFO nut, however I can only recall one other time in my life that I've seen an object that I couldn't explain. This is also a highly populated area and directly in line with the DIA flight path. I thought that perhaps it could be a helicopter at a greater distance than I realized, but when you look on a Google map I don't see any hospitals in close enough proximity to the flight path to explain the apparent size of the UFO. It is possible that someone could have flown a drone from Central Park in Stapleton, but as you're about to hear that becomes doubtful. The UFO sighting was brief, no more than 90 seconds and probably more like a minute. I knew that the UFO would be too small to resolve adequately on my cell phone, there was simply no point in recording something that might show up as a pixel in size when zoomed at best. I believe that the UFO may have rapidly swung from west to east at a distance of no more than a half a fist in width at arm's length. The UFO quickly arced to the west and climbing in altitude headed north. As the UFO approached the cloud ceiling (it seemed to be 3k-5k ft) I definitely saw it glint off the sun and it was just a bright white teardrop kind of shape. I had fought the urge to ask others around me if they saw what I was seeing and I swore that if it came back I would point it out. It did not return, it appeared to continue to fly due north of me at a high rate of speed quickly diminishing into a speck before it disappeared. In retrospect, it is possible that the UFO was faintly glowing or perhaps it had a faint dark halo around it. The luminance, speed and lack of visible aircraft attributes really caught my eye and I remember mentally searching for a rational explanation of what I was seeing. Not ten minutes later I saw a guy walking around the softball game with an SLR and a massive telephoto lens attachment. If I'd seen him during the UFO Sighting we would have either had a confirmed helicopter or intriguing images from a daylight sighting with traceable provenance. mufon cms# 83864

Blue UFO Sighting Photographed over Medina New York

On May 17th 2017 , around 7:pm I walked outside on my deck and noticed the southeastern sky was making a twister type cloud ... I went and grabbed my camera took a few pictures and went out to the front of the house instead to see if it looked crazy that way too.. so I took a few pictures there even though nothing was out of the ordinary.. I went back to the other side of the house and looked up, and yelled to my fiancee LOOK!! LOOK AT THE SKY !! He also saw this amazing UFO sighting in only 2 minutes or so, the twister had formed and a blue glowing ball UFO was coming closer and closer appearing to appear and disappear, being closer every time. The blue glowing ball, or orb UFO ended up being only about 500 feet away before it disappeared. We then watched and took more pictures because the clouds looked like they had something in them and after it all started to blow over , or break apart.. there were smoke like clouds that looked different than any other we have seen and then they were gone. We felt extremely exhilarated and excited about what we had seen we then went through the pictures and saw these awesome glowing blue orbs.. in the pictures and not just by our eye we couldn't even believe it . We then decided to share the beauty. mufon cms# 83863

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Three UFO Disc Formation Above Tree and House Winter 1980

I saw this UFO formation in rural Capac, Michigan - January of 1980, maybe February, when I was 18 years old. I was an absolutely bitterly cold winter night, I was out driving with my girlfriend and another couple, listening to music sipping a few beers, that's what we did back then living in the country, nobody had cell phones, we just socialized and listened to music. Don't exactly remember, probably a Friday night, perhaps Saturday. I needed to stop to urinate, so I picked a spot between 2 houses that were approximately 150 to 200 yards apart, just a random spot far enough away from both houses. I stepped behind the car and started peeing at the side of the road and looked up. To my right above the one farmhouse were these 3 circular UFOs very close to each other in a straight formation with lights going all the way around the middle. These UFOs were just above this large tree right behind the house and the closest one was partially over the house a bit. They blocked out the stars. it was dark out but the sky was kind of that blueish-gray because the moon was out, it wasn't a black night sky at all so these UFOs were kind of silhouetted darker against the sky on the bottom side. I watched amazed, I had no idea what I was seeing really but I knew this wasn't something i'd ever seen in our skies. These UFOs were floating to the east (my left) about as fast as you would walk normally and there was absolutely no noise. They were pretty big compared to things I knew, I figured about the width of a football field, I played football and other sports, that seemed relative to me and about right, so I guess between 45 and 55 yards wide. The lights on these UFOs were yellowish like an old lamp you'd see inside a house, and they weren't that bright. I remember thinking that's weird, the side part is only maybe 4 feet high, nobody could get close enough to see out those windows. Now I justify that they probably weren't windows, just lights who knows. when these UFOs had floated a hundred or so feet closer to me but parallel to the road, I went to the car and said to everyone hey come out here and look at this but they all just hollered to shut the door because of how cold it was outside. So I went back out for a moment, I was bitterly cold but I had to watch more. I thought, they're looking for something, then I thought, maybe they're looking for me and decided to get the hell out of there. I was shivering from the cold anyway, I hopped in the car and we took off. The next morning I got up and was tearing through my mom's newspaper and was amazed there was nothing in there about what i'd seen. This group of UFOs was pretty big and surely someone else had seen and reported it, but not to my knowledge. I've only told a handful of people since then but the last 10 years I started telling a few more people and they didn't tell me I was nuts. I guess i'm comfortable reaching out especially now that organization like yours exist. I even made an illustration of it because I had to frankly, it's the greatest thing I have ever seen, I can still see this like it just happened whenever I think of it. I'm a graphic artist in the large-format sign business. I started this illustration a couple years ago and only recently finished it. I will attach a couple jpegs of when I first saw them and how far they moved in a couple minutes before I drove off. I'm not sure if I have the scale perfect and i was a little more to the left down the road than the illustration suggests, but that's the jist of the situation. also, just yesterday I was watching a YouTube video and I was stopped in my tracks, I saw this image that was so close to what i drew a couple years ago it was almost dead-on, I paused the video and made a screen capture of it, closest thing I have ever seen to what I saw - it amazed me even though the quality is crap. This was a visual UFO sighting only, I never saw anything but the outside of these, no beings at all, just some moving UFOs 130 feet off the ground.
I know this was really a long time ago, but I wanted you to have my report of it. I know they're here, don't know how they got here, what they are if they're always here or have to travel to visit here, but I know what I saw. mufon cms# 83803 UFO Sighting occurred in 1980's Capac MI.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Black Retangular UFO Sighting with no sound or lights Fort Loramis Ohio 5/15/17

When leaving a job site this morning at approximately 11:30 AM, I and another man observed a black rectangular UFO in the sky west of our location at Lake Loramie, Ohio. We observed this UFO for several minutes as it traveled on a northwesterly direction. While observing, we witnessed the UFO tumble lengthwise 180 degrees. I took several pictures of this happening. I then got into my vehicle and proceeded to follow the UFO. I drove north on St. Rte 362 along the west bank of Lake Loramie into Minster, Ohio. I traveled west thru Minster on the Minster – Egypt Pike to St. Rte. 364 still observing the object. I turned north on St. Rte. 364 and proceeded to St. Rte. 119. Turning west on St. Rte. 119, I follow the object into Maria Stein, Ohio. Upon reaching Saint Johns Road in Maria Stein, I turned north again observing that the UFO appeared to become either triangular or diamond shaped and I again photograph it. I looked at the road for traffic and upon looking back up, it has disappeared.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Small UFO white spear appeared in my room like a tiny bug was flying it

Was in my room late at night and had seen something floating in the air first thought it was dust or something falling from the ceiling but quickly noticed it was a very tiny spear like UFO completely white during and after I felt a little weird and had blotches in my eyes the thing just hovered in my room then disappeared the only way I know how to explain what it did is to think of a bucket of paint if you drop a coin into paint think of how it was disappear it was like the air was the bucket of paint it's just ripped through it. mufon cms# 83690 Louisville KY 5/13/17

Friday, May 12, 2017

Watched this UFO hovering and possibly keeping pace with our car Lowell MI. U.S.

Was riding in a car down Lincoln Lake road between Belding and Lowell MI. It was very late one evening in July 1993 when I was just mesmerized and staring peacefully at this UFO that was hovering and possibly keeping pace with us it had lights of various colors that pulsated. Looked to be either triangle or chevron shape. Like I said it was very late and dark. This was rural area so no ambient street lights and very little light pollution. I am not positive how long I stared at it, but I was at peace, relaxed and not afraid. I remember that I was going to ask my boyfriend who was driving something. I don't ever remember actually talking but he answered me. This happened constantly after the event. It's like we could read each other minds. I was going to ask him also if he was seeing this UFO, never got a chance. But any way I looked over to my boyfriend and looked back real quick to the UFO speeding off and disappearing like a flash. It was gone. It didn't really register till after the fact what I saw. To this day, I can not get this UFO Sighting out of my head. mufon cms# 83652

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

UFO Sightings Not What You See But How You Interpret It !

Isaac Asimov's 1966 article "UFO’s What I Think" stated that UFOs certainly did exist, but...
It’s Not What You See That Is Suspect, But How You Interpret What You See UFO Sightings| Quote Investigator  Recently, I read a book called “The Mothman Prophecies” which discussed mysterious sightings of a human-sized moth-like creature in West Virginia in the…QUOTEINVESTIGATOR.COM credit Curt Collins

Monday, May 8, 2017

Teardrop Flying Corkscrew Lights UFO over Phoenix AZ

UFO Sighting described as a Flying corkscrews

Looking to the east at about 2:00 on May 4 2017, I saw what I thought were to large birds moving south to north one behind the other. They were to high to be birds (pterodactyls came to mind), so I went inside to get my binoculars. What I saw was a cone shape but with a corkscrew row of lights that spun in a clockwise fashion as to propel the UFO. They were dark except for the lights. credit

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Three UFO's observed hovering over small town in Idaho Summer of 1949

In the early Summer of 1949 I was four years old and living with my family in the tiny town of Paris Idaho. It was early in the evening, I remember because my Father had just gotten home from work. As my Mother was preparing dinner we all heard a commotion outside. There were many exited and loud voices talking all at once. My parents ran outside followed by me, my little Brother and my big Sister. What I saw, I have not or never will forget.

It seems as though just about everyone in the whole town was standing outside with startled looks on their faces and everyone was looking up. I looked up and what I saw was amazing to say the least. There were three UFO’s, at the time we called them, Flying Saucers and that’s just what they looked like. These UFOs were light in color, almost white. Thinking back I would say they were each about 30-50 ft. across. They were just hovering there in silence, 200-300 ft. off the ground in broad daylight. It seemed they were there for an eternity but in truth I think it was just under a minuet and just like that they were gone. They moved so fast it was almost like they just disappeared.

One of the strangest things about the whole encounter, is that nobody ever really talked about it again.mufon cms# 83480

Monday, May 1, 2017

UFO Sighting Silver Reflective Disc hovering between two trees on a mountain Kelowna B.C. Canada

April 26, 2017 approx 4:40 pm. Kelowna, B.C. Canada. Daylight, a clear and sunny day. Bright blue skies with scattered clouds. I was driving across the Kelowna floating bridge towards West Kelowna. As I was driving on the bridge I noticed a silver, shiny, disc or sphere-like UFO hovering the tree line in the mountains directly in front of me. The UFO continued to hover over two trees at the top of the mountain, the trees seemed to "frame" the UFO. The UFO was floating or hovering between the two trees and the clear blue sky because there was no mountain range behind this particular mountain. it seemed to reflect or project a silvery shine, it was mesmerizing because it’s shape was so clear and visible. It was not “tiny”, I could clearly see it. As I climbed up the hill, the hill curved to the right of the UFO and mountain range, my eyes followed it and I was excited to see if from the “other side” of the mountain. As I curved around the mountain the UFO simply disappeared. It did not “fly” vertically or horizontally in another direction, it just disappeared. mufon cms#83452

Amazing Daytime Glowing Saucer 8-29-16 Newton Abbot GB

I spotted this amazing daytime glowing saucer that flew across the sky and then stopped. The glowing saucer was stationary for a while allowing me to take a photograph. I looked on with amazement as it just hung there in the sky. The glowing saucer then flew off at a high speed passing a passenger plane that was in the distance. The photograph was taken 29 of ‎August ‎2016, 12:37 PM GMT at Newton Abbot Devon England. mufon cms# 83459

Thursday, April 27, 2017

UFO Sighting V shaped object about equal to the moon in size Los Angeles CA 3/1/17

This is what I wrote down immediately afterward this UFO Sighting:
"March 1st, 2017
Tonight at around 8:30 PM at Las Angeles Valley during my laboratory astronomy class , I and three other witnesses saw a UFO unambiguously a structured craft. We were standing on the roof of the Las Angeles Valley College astronomy/planetarium building, near one of the big telescope domes. We were using our $1,500 Celestron alt azimuth telescopes. We started by observing the moon, first with 50 magnification and then 200...the next object we were to observe was the Orion Nebula (M-42). I was having a hard time getting a fix on it with my TELRAD, as the Orion stars were quite I tinkered with the telescope, I called my professor over to get some help.
Suddenly, I heard the group behind me freaking out about an UFO in the sky. “What is that?!” etc. I quickly left my telescope and ran to them (they were right behind me) and asked them to point out the UFO. At first, I could not see it. It was very faint, and the sky was dark. But as I looked my eyes quickly dark adapted (dilate in about 10 seconds) and I could see it VERY clearly, unambiguously, it was there. My eyes had to dilate to properly see it (and I was looking right at it) and once they did, I could see it so well I couldn't "unsee" it. A clear, structured craft, a perfect sharp V shape clearly contrasted with the rest of the sky. The UFO itself was very narrow but the arms were at a very wide angle like a “v” but turned on its side...a sideways V. A perfectly symmetrical boomerang like shape, with no body or midsection and sharp edges, turned sideways. I could clearly see the borders of it--it was a SOLID V SHAPED CRAFT not a V formation of UFOs, but one solid object. There were four big circles of light along each arm of the V but no light at the tip. The light was a dim opaque white. The object was large considering its distance. The object wasn't particularly bright it's surface was distinct, but dark and dull. If one were to draw a circle around it, the diameter of that circle would be greater than that of the moon (as viewed in the night sky). It was MUCH larger than any regular airplane I have ever seen. Flying very low, far too low to be a commercial aircraft... low enough that if it were an airplane it would have been obvious. It moved at a straight path 45 degrees roughly from the horizon, going from west to east in direction for about a minute, before it was blocked from our vision by a tree in the foreground. It was moving rather slowly slightly faster than a regular commercial airplane in the sky, but still quite slowly and visible though it could have actually been moving slower than a commercial aircraft, but appeared to be moving faster because of it's lower path/closer proximity. Its direction was from West to East, in a straight line path. It was “drifting” If I had to use an adjective to describe it’s motion, I’d say it was “graceful” it did not move like anything I have seen before.. When it was visible again, it was only a few seconds before it got dimmer and dimmer, and then it was fading out, fading into the rest of the sky. Almost as though it was “cloaking” or dematerialized. There was not a sound silent as a mouse the entire time. My professor was tinkering with my telescope while all this was happening...we were freaking out, screaming “professor look at the UFO! Look at it!” but he was completely oblivious and focused on finding the orion nebula and getting a fix with the Telrad. The professor asked if it could have been a meteor or an airplane. It was very clearly neither one...if it was Earthly in origin and some top secret craft, then it is very secret indeed because I have never seen anything like it."

The next time the class met (1 week later), I collected signed testimony statements from two of the three other witnesses (asking, of course, that they do not read each other's statements so that the testimony is uncontaminated., with descriptions and sketches. Some interesting corroborating details from one of the other witnesses (slightly paraphrased):

"Saw an UFO overhead, V shaped with dots lining the UFO's underside. The UFO was also almost opaque and difficult to see. It was maybe 30-50 ft in width, 20-30 ft in length, about 100-150 ft overhead. Moved very slowly, seemed to ascend as it moved further away. It was traveling at about 15 miles per hour. As it left, it became harder and harder to see. It was moving in a Southwest direction". The testimony statements have sketches attached (I plan on showing them to whichever field investigator gets assigned to my case, and publicizing them in the final UFO Sighting report).

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

UFO followed our car for about 9 hours Kankakee IL U.S. Jan 4th 1972

A UFO followed our car starting about 10 pm and was stationary during daylight across the freeway from us for several minutes around 7 am. When we first saw the UFO we assumed it was a star, but we became very interested after a few hours as it continued to follow us as we traveled northward on I-57. About 7 am as I-57 turned eastward it became dawn and the UFO came much closer. I stopped the car and got out. My passenger locked the doors and refused to exit. I recall standing across the highway for perhaps 10 minutes at the most. The UFO was disc shape with a brushed nickel sort of metallic surface. On the horizontal edge were (in single file and evenly spaced) multiple lights of red, orange and yellow. After about 5 - 10 minutes the disc begun to spin extremely quickly and disappeared over the northern horizon. mufon cms# 83335

Monday, April 24, 2017

Feeling Alienated UFO Dissent and Democracy

"Comparatively, no other discourse, be it academic, economic or political, functions with the same democratic freedom that UFO discourse does. Within the UFO subculture, there is no ivory tower. No organization, MUFON included, holds control over the UFO debate. There is no throne that the UFO community bows before, and no institution exists that decides who is a member of the community, and who is not. There are no degrees, no graduate programs, no governing bodies, no accreditation, and no hierarchies that clearly delineate who is an expert within the discourse and who is not."
And that's a good thing. credit Frank Stalter Part 2 - Feeling Alienated; UFOs, Dissent, and Democracy Their is a fundamental contradiction between modern Capitalism and UFO discourse; democracy itself. TERRAOBSCURA.NET 

NYC UFO Upper West Side two UFO sightings separated by four hours 4/18/17

At around 14:30 I saw a silver UFO that looked like a balloon. It floated West, across Amsterdam Avenue and about 65th Street in NYC. It floated in the West/North West direction, out towards the Hudson River. At around 18:31 pm I was walking South on Riverside Drive, at around 71st Street, when I noticed a group of these same “balloons” floating West towards the Hudson River. They looked like balloons, but they also looked like UFOs. They were coming from a completely different direction and time than the one I had previously seen. There were approximately four UFOs in this small group. As they ascended, they all moved at the same speed towards the sun, making it hard to see them. One of the UFOs didn’t float in formation. It proceeded to move swiftly, heading North, before banking and heading South, now above the Hudson River. It did this a few times, changing direction smoothly. At the same time, it seemed to move in the general direction of the other UFOs.

If they were a lot closer, I imagine they would have been relatively large balloons. The UFOs were silver, and, if they WERE aircraft, I imagine they were small…smaller than a car. If they were balloons, they were large balloons. The part that REALLY drew my attention was the time difference between the two UFO sightings. There is no way that the one balloon I saw, descended to the earth, found three more balloons like it, then proceeded to ascend back on its course, four hours after the first sighting. Maybe there was an event in NYC, where a lot of silver balloons were let off it was strange. I have some video of the two events. 4/18/17

Friday, April 21, 2017


While visiting the 30th Ozark Mountain UFO Conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas we were able to get another close look at the famous "Bob White Artifact" - a lump of once-molten metal that some claim came from a UFO. In 1985 - while traveling near Grand Junction, Colorado - Missourian Bob White, and a friend, had an alleged encounter with a large "glowing object" that dropped a piece of molten material that White was able to recover. The heavy, metal (palm-sized) shard of mostly-aluminum - also called "The Bullet" - was revealed to the public in 1996 and has garnered much attention and controversy, ever since. It has been displayed at numerous UFO conferences, been documented in a number of TV programs (including "Unsolved Mysteries" and "UFO Hunters"), been examined by various forensic scientists, and has been analyzed by a few expert metallurgists and laboratories. While differences of opinion exist as to the object's true origin (some believe it to be refinery residue/metal stalagmite, while others still maintain the shard's anomalous - perhaps, extraterrestrial - nature), this piece of UFO history still stands as an intriguing mystery. (I like the residue from a buoyant plasma theory). Bob White died in 2009 and took, perhaps, some of the answers to the questions surrounding the artifact with him to The Beyond. This bit of physical UFO lore is now in the hands of Larry Cekander of the Museum of the Unexplained Aerial Anomalies Research Group and can be seen wherever it tours. Check it out yourself if you can! Photo by Michael Huntington - April, 2017.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

UFO came into view flew around overhead Upland CA

This event occurred on July 26, 2015, about 7:50 PM. A Sunday. At approximately 7:35 PM, my neighbor, from down the street, half a block away, and whose home backs up to the alley my property also backs up to, knows I'm interested in UFOs, and so he called me on the phone to tell me he saw a UFO high up in the sky and slightly to the East. This placed it behind my home, as my backyard faces the East. The front of my home faces the West. So I went into my backyard and looked up in the sky for the UFO. I didn't see it. So I went back inside and called my neighbor back and asked him to go outside and see if he could still see it. If I recall correctly, I held on the phone while he did this and he returned and said it's still there. I believe I hung up and again went outside but still couldn't see it. So I called him back again and asked him to walk over and show me where it was. If memory serves me right he walked up the alley about a minute or so later and I met him there and he pointed it out to me. It was very faint and just looked like a stationary star. Actually it was so faint that I could barely see it. He has excellent eyesight and I wear glasses so possibly that may have had something to do with it. He had things to do so he went back home. I raced inside and grabbed my Panasonic PV-GS320 Digital Video Camcorder and one of my tripods and returned to my backyard and set it up. Now I could still see the object in the sky but I could never find it in the LCD Monitor of my Camcorder. After a few minutes of this I then could no longer see the UFO and so I was not a happy camper that I missed it. I grabbed my Camcorder with the tripod still attached and turned and headed back to the house. I recall distinctly saying to myself something to the effect of darn I missed it. The time was now about 7:50 PM. Now I kept looking up at the sky to see if maybe the UFO had moved and was elsewhere in the sky and just as I got close to the eaves of my home's back wall I saw another new UFO that appeared up in the sky as it flew from the west over my house and came into view overhead. The weird thing is it was as if it was aware that I was looking at it since it stopped and hovered overhead in a zig zag type of motion. This gave me time to put my tripod on the ground and find this new UFO in the LCD Monitor and so I was able to film it as it moved around overhead at approximately a 65 to 70 degree angle. At one point in the footage you can see where what appears to be a bug fly past on the left side. Finally, after about 15 to 18 seconds of my filming it, the UFO appeared to fly off back to the west, in the direction from which it had originally come and disappeared beyond my roof. I say "appeared to fly" because it went of so fast that I'm not 100% sure what it did. I'll mention that the whole time it never made one sound. As soon as I saw the UFO I knew it was something out of the ordinary and I suspected it might be a drone but upon further examination it doesn't look like a drone. What was especially odd is there was some kind of appendage on the left side of the object that appeared to oscillate or flutter. At times as I filmed it I had to move the Camcorder so I could keep the UFO on the LCD Monitor. But it did jump (hover) around within the small region where it was. So some of the shakiness is probably due to my movement. I was exhilarated to have caught this new UFO on film. I have had three previous UFO sightings. One in 1969 when I was eleven. One In 1976 when I lived in a dorm at UCLA and one about 1985 in Hollywood. But this time was the best as I was able to get a record of what I saw. I took a photo of the UFO when I looked at it on my TV and I blew it up as large as possible. I have had a lifelong interest in UFOs (since I was around 6 or 7 years of age). I believe that something is going on but I classify all my sightings as UFOs since they are unidentified. mufon cms# 83222 

Declassified Central Intelligence Agency files suggests UFO activity

Those aliens must be really small? A wave of recently declassified UFO files and statements of high rank officials are slowly turning the UFO phenomenon into reality. Believing that we are the only…

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Glowing white UFO flew silently over our backyard 6 witnesses Mnt. Pleasant SC.

We were sitting with friends around the fire pit, when my husband looked up and yelled, "What is that! It's a UFO!" We looked up too, and saw a round disk shaped UFO flying overhead, just above the tree line in our backyard. The bottom of this UFO glowed with white lights. It was silent, and swiftly flew off into the distance. UFO Sighting reported 4/12/17 Mount Pleasant SC.

Diamond shaped UFO with red & white lights sighted Creve Couer MO

While outside near the 13000 block of Olive Blvd. and looking to east southeast (110 degrees) observed UFO with multi-colored red and white lights. UFO seemed to be hovering and moving back and forth at a high altitude about 3 miles away toward Olive and Mason Rd.. Tried to follow, however, it traveled northeast and I lost it in tree line. UFO began strobing its lights when I took a picture with my cellphone and began traveling away. UFO Sighting Creve Couer MO 4/12/17

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

UFO sightings Survey First Nations among those reporting mysterious lights in the sky in 2016

The UFO Sightings incidents in Walpole Island include someone reporting a "bright light remaining in one area but moving up and down slightly" on the evening of Jan. 3, 2016. On Jan. 4, 2016 someone in Kahnawake reported seeing a "large yellow pyramid hovering in the sky" over the Mohawk community, located near Montreal. Most of the 2016 UFO sightings reported by First Nations were in Ontario and Quebec, including one on the Sagamok First Nation on May 27, when someone there spotted a "bright light moving very fast before disappearing."
Seven First Nations reported unidentified flying objects in 2016, according to an annual survey by Winnipeg-based Ufology Research. CBC.CA credit Frank Stalter

Monday, April 10, 2017

UFO Sighting abrupt angle changing motions & morphing over San Tan Valley Arizona

Want to start off by saying I have never seen this much activity in the sky over San Tan Valley. I've seen a few things I couldn't explain in the past over this horizon. Went in my backyard on April 5th 2017 to feed dogs and I looked up in the sky like I always do. Saw a bright red "star" in distance, which I thought was a plane heading straight at me. It got bigger as it approached then stopped in the sky. It hovered over the San Tan Mountains for a while, then directly under it to the right another white UFO light appeared. Slowly drifted north. Then another similar UFO light appeared and did the same. For a while the three lights formed an Isosceles triangle. The two white UFO lights drifted toward Chandler/Gilbert area and when they got over the populated area started to flicker like that of an airplane. But not constant like a planes lights flashing. The white UFO lights started to flicker a lot and dipped under the horizon out of sight. The red "star" stayed still drifting upward slightly. What I thought was a plane headed towards the red UFO light, then stopped and completely changed directions and drifted upward. Couldn't believe what I saw. The red UFO light then started to fade away but not until a bright white orb appeared under it, pulsated, shifted direction and disappeared. Before the circus ended a smaller red UFO orb drifted up to the red star and almost "kissed" it before changing directions and fading away. Also when all this activity was happening I saw three aircraft in the sky fly by. One flew almost directly over my house. Had a big green light under it and I couldn't tell if it was a plane or a helicopter. Made almost no sound at all. The other two flew directly under an UFO orb but must not have seen it. This UFO sighting left me with an uncontrollable gut wrenching feeling in my stomach. Too much activity for no one else to witness. 

4 Small White Circular UFOs flying around in random patterns over Southern California

I was on my way to my car with a co-worker, when I noticed 4 small white UFOs in the sky. I took my sunglasses off and could not see them without my sunglasses on and actually handed my sunglasses to my co-worker so he could see them. Once he saw them, we watched them circle each other and move around the sky randomly, almost as if they were playing with one another. I noticed that a helicopter was flying nearby and these UFOs were much higher in the sky than an helicopter.

As we watched, we noticed that at one point all of them turned and the sun hit the UFOs creating 4 bright small circular objects in the sky. We continued to watch them for about 4-5 minutes until they flew off into the distance away from the Orange County airport heading south about 20 miles inland from the coast. The way these UFOs were flying, was almost as if they were birds playing in the sky, darting in and out and up and down and circling one another not at all! How commercial planes or helicopters would fly. All 4 UFOs were the same size, they were white and when the sun hit them as they moved it shined a large glare off the UFOs. UFO Sighting occurred 4/6/17 Anaheim CA