Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Black UFOs slow flyby over Hillsboro Airport in Oregon 5/29/17

I took my dog out to do her business. I was in my front yard and looked up to the sky over my house. I don't know the height of the clouds but I saw two black UFOs headed east from the west or kind of southwest to north east. My first thought was that someone had lost a balloon. Then I saw the second UFO following about 200 yards behind. Both UFOs traveling in a straight line. It seemed slow but if I were to guess, then maybe they were moving at about 45 to 50 miles per hour. The leader UFO travel straight out of sight. The second UFO amazingly stopped. Then I noticed it didn't exactly stop but it went straight up slowly. Until the UFO thing was so small I was loosing sight Evey time I blinked. The UFO finally disappeared into the clouds. They flew over the Hillsboro, Oregon airport. These UFOs were black and had round noses like a fighter jet but they didn't have wings and they weren't near as long. And slightly larger rounded area in the rear. I've never seen anything like that before. I wish I had had a camera with me. I tried pointing it out to my stepson but when he pulled up in his car the were too small for him to find. Don't know what the were but it happened at around 9:10 pm that's it. That's all. mufon cms# 84065

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