Saturday, April 15, 2017

Glowing white UFO flew silently over our backyard 6 witnesses Mnt. Pleasant SC.

We were sitting with friends around the fire pit, when my husband looked up and yelled, "What is that! It's a UFO!" We looked up too, and saw a round disk shaped UFO flying overhead, just above the tree line in our backyard. The bottom of this UFO glowed with white lights. It was silent, and swiftly flew off into the distance. UFO Sighting reported 4/12/17 Mount Pleasant SC.

Diamond shaped UFO with red & white lights sighted Creve Couer MO

While outside near the 13000 block of Olive Blvd. and looking to east southeast (110 degrees) observed UFO with multi-colored red and white lights. UFO seemed to be hovering and moving back and forth at a high altitude about 3 miles away toward Olive and Mason Rd.. Tried to follow, however, it traveled northeast and I lost it in tree line. UFO began strobing its lights when I took a picture with my cellphone and began traveling away. UFO Sighting Creve Couer MO 4/12/17