Friday, April 21, 2017


While visiting the 30th Ozark Mountain UFO Conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas we were able to get another close look at the famous "Bob White Artifact" - a lump of once-molten metal that some claim came from a UFO. In 1985 - while traveling near Grand Junction, Colorado - Missourian Bob White, and a friend, had an alleged encounter with a large "glowing object" that dropped a piece of molten material that White was able to recover. The heavy, metal (palm-sized) shard of mostly-aluminum - also called "The Bullet" - was revealed to the public in 1996 and has garnered much attention and controversy, ever since. It has been displayed at numerous UFO conferences, been documented in a number of TV programs (including "Unsolved Mysteries" and "UFO Hunters"), been examined by various forensic scientists, and has been analyzed by a few expert metallurgists and laboratories. While differences of opinion exist as to the object's true origin (some believe it to be refinery residue/metal stalagmite, while others still maintain the shard's anomalous - perhaps, extraterrestrial - nature), this piece of UFO history still stands as an intriguing mystery. (I like the residue from a buoyant plasma theory). Bob White died in 2009 and took, perhaps, some of the answers to the questions surrounding the artifact with him to The Beyond. This bit of physical UFO lore is now in the hands of Larry Cekander of the Museum of the Unexplained Aerial Anomalies Research Group and can be seen wherever it tours. Check it out yourself if you can! Photo by Michael Huntington - April, 2017.