Monday, April 24, 2017

Feeling Alienated UFO Dissent and Democracy

"Comparatively, no other discourse, be it academic, economic or political, functions with the same democratic freedom that UFO discourse does. Within the UFO subculture, there is no ivory tower. No organization, MUFON included, holds control over the UFO debate. There is no throne that the UFO community bows before, and no institution exists that decides who is a member of the community, and who is not. There are no degrees, no graduate programs, no governing bodies, no accreditation, and no hierarchies that clearly delineate who is an expert within the discourse and who is not."
And that's a good thing. credit Frank Stalter Part 2 - Feeling Alienated; UFOs, Dissent, and Democracy Their is a fundamental contradiction between modern Capitalism and UFO discourse; democracy itself. TERRAOBSCURA.NET 

NYC UFO Upper West Side two UFO sightings separated by four hours 4/18/17

At around 14:30 I saw a silver UFO that looked like a balloon. It floated West, across Amsterdam Avenue and about 65th Street in NYC. It floated in the West/North West direction, out towards the Hudson River. At around 18:31 pm I was walking South on Riverside Drive, at around 71st Street, when I noticed a group of these same “balloons” floating West towards the Hudson River. They looked like balloons, but they also looked like UFOs. They were coming from a completely different direction and time than the one I had previously seen. There were approximately four UFOs in this small group. As they ascended, they all moved at the same speed towards the sun, making it hard to see them. One of the UFOs didn’t float in formation. It proceeded to move swiftly, heading North, before banking and heading South, now above the Hudson River. It did this a few times, changing direction smoothly. At the same time, it seemed to move in the general direction of the other UFOs.

If they were a lot closer, I imagine they would have been relatively large balloons. The UFOs were silver, and, if they WERE aircraft, I imagine they were small…smaller than a car. If they were balloons, they were large balloons. The part that REALLY drew my attention was the time difference between the two UFO sightings. There is no way that the one balloon I saw, descended to the earth, found three more balloons like it, then proceeded to ascend back on its course, four hours after the first sighting. Maybe there was an event in NYC, where a lot of silver balloons were let off it was strange. I have some video of the two events. 4/18/17