Sunday, May 28, 2017

Classic UFO was a strange dark violet color with a dim dark red ring around the edges Meridian Idaho

My friends and I were watching a movie in my backyard on a projector.It was about 11:10 at night. There were 7 of us. I noticed a strange disc UFO hovering over my house at a moderate speed. It was lower than an airplane but a bit higher that a bird. The UFO gave off an odd dull dark red glow but the UFO appeared to be a dark violet color. When I was about to point it out 2 of my friends did. Sadly it flew out of sight before I could get a picture. The UFO appeared to be a classic UFO dish shaped object. It was deeply unsettling but it was cool to experience a UFO sighting. mufon cms# 84026 UFO Sighting May 27 2017 Meridian Idaho U.S.