Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Military Soldier reports Saucer Shaped UFO desert gold color pattern also heat plume

I was a soldier being transported on commercial airline by military in military airspace over the gulf of mexico between cuba and fla. I looked down out the window and seen the UFO craft flying below our jet a undeniable Unidentified Flying Saucer "UFO" flying a steady flight path below me. I saw a Saucer Shape UFO craft being followed by 4 military fighter jets. This UFO appeared to be as wide or wider than all 4 military jets together wing tip to wing tip it was golden desert sand in textured color with a raised center with the center area having a turtle shell camo like pattern object was saucer shape but small area in rear was concave and a fume looking heat plume looked to be exhausting from this area. It flew steady west low above the sea with jets following 500 feet or more behind. I was shocked at what I was seeing I could not get my eyes off of this UFO craft. I yelled do you all see this and got no response because I looked around and realized everyone was sound asleep.So I watched this craft fly west till I could not see it no more. I was in aaahh at what I saw and there was no mistake of what I seen. I do not know its origin man made or not possibly man made. mufon cms# 85170