Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Rectangle Shaped UFO Watching July 3rd Fireworks from Above 2017

My husband and I had just finished watching the grand finale of the 2017 fireworks display in East Longmeadow, MA, on July 3, 2017. The last sparkles were fading and it became apparent that there was a rectangular (like a domino piece), stationary, green-lighted UFO parked above where the fireworks had been exploding so it was concealed by the display. The color was like grass or leaf green--very saturated, bright and pure. From our distance, UFO was about the size of an M & M candy. My husband said he saw a dark dividing “line” separating the green light on either side of the UFO. We looked at this UFO, expecting it to move like an aircraft or helicopter but the light blinked while staying stationary for about 3 seconds. I expected to see red running lights and/or white landing lights indicating the craft was on approach to Bradley International Airport to the West, but there were no other lights. The UFO then moved a little Southward while blinking erratically, then abru! ptly turned at a 90 degree angle and went a bit toward the East, stopped, then took off, accelerating, in a Northeasterly direction for what looked like 2 or 3 inches and then disappeared. No noise other than the fireworks was heard. source
Not sure if anyone else noticed.

The UFO Truth is Out there Edinburgh Scotland 2017

"Modern tales of UFO close encounters in Scotland really begin with the so-called Robert Taylor Incident, which took place in 1979 at Dechmont Woods, near Livingston. Later recorded by the police as a criminal assault by an unknown or alien entity, Robert Taylor, a local forester, was accosted at night by a UFO as it was scouting over his area of the wood." The truth is out there: A history of Edinburgh’s UFO hotspot  The area around Edinburgh has more reported UFO sightings than anywhere else on earth. EDINBURGHNEWS.SCOTSMAN.COM/credit Frank Stalter