Friday, July 21, 2017

Large Silver UFO Hoovering 2000 ft in front of Burch Mtn 7/20/17 Wenatchee WA

On my way to get my wife headed N. on Sunset HW, me and about 12 other cars saw a Large Silver UFO hoovering at about 2000 ft in front of Burch Mtn. As we all sat at the green light pointing at the stationary UFO it shot straight upwards and was gone in the blink of an eye. This happened at around 7ish pm tonight 7/20/17. UFO had the Shape of one of the old camera film cartridge that resembles ●_● This shape. No signs of thrust at all, just all sliver like a mirror. Anyone else see anything like this? Yesterday a Blackhawk with no tail numbers or markings at all flew so close over the Columbia river where we were that we made contact by waving at the pilot. Do all Black Hawk Helicopters have no tail numbers and are all blacked out? mufon cms# 85235 UFO Sighting occurred on 7/20/2017 over the area of Wenatchee WA.U.S.