Friday, August 4, 2017

A tribute to Jim Marrs from James Gilliland and the ECETI crew August 2017

Three separate UFO Sightings reported 7-15-79 over Alvin Texas

UFO Sightings 1979 report reads as follows: This report encompasses three separate UFO orb sightings, all three of which were nothing short of profound and all three of which were witnessed by my brother and one of which also was witnessed by my then sister-in-law. It would be difficult to say which of the three was the most profound, but if pressed to do so, I would say that the third UFO encounter was the most profound because it was the longest in duration (perhaps 15 minutes); it was clearly a function and result of intelligence (followed aside our vehicle for several miles and coordinated with our turns and the like) and, because of subsequent time and memory loss. Some 38 years have gone by since the UFO encounters (all three UFO Sighting encounters were within 1 1/2 years at three different locations), of which I rarely speak for fear of ridicule. At one point we turned right, but the UFO continued on its previous course and out of sight. We then turned left, then right and approached an elevated irrigation canal (rice canal) and when we reached the top of the canal and bridge, the UFO was stationary approximately 100 feet in front of us and perhaps 3-4 feet above the pavement. It was clearly waiting. I (none of us) have any memory of what transpired after we saw the UFO in front of and below us. For whatever it is worth, I am not a nut. I am an officer of a $160 million oil & gas manufacturing and service company; I earn between $500,000 and $900,000 per year; I manage a very successful business unit and I direct the efforts of a team of engineers and craftsmen representing multiple disciplines. Having said all that, I would very appreciate consultation with a professional in this field because, well, I need and want to talk to someone; it troubles me. I also bore witness to an enormous triangular-shaped UFO (perhaps 500 feet in length from the front tip to its tail)having nine lights on its underbelly. I would put the altitude at less than 3,000 feet, but it was night, so the altitude and size of the UFO would be difficult to swear to. Stranger than the size and shape was that it made no sound, yet was obviously under propulsion as it moved slowly overhead. Now, in addition to all this, I have one nagging memory of finding myself heavily sedated inside of a UFO and being lowered from upper level through a hatch into a lower level. The hatch is best described as being akin to a hinged bank vault door, although only four or so feet in diameter. It is the structure and details of the hatch that I best recall, although while in transit and passing through the upper level, well, a cockpit. mufon cms# 85624